Persian Carpets: There is something about the Persian carpet that makes it the most potent and symbolic of all textiles.  Of course, it’s just a floor covering, so why has it made its way into art, poetry, music, and fashion? 

Delving into the history and the marvelous workmanship may answer these questions.  


Famous Carpet Traditions 

India's most Famous Carpet Traditions from Kashmir and Agra

A prayer carpet. James F Ballard

 Imagine a home, an airport, or a hotel with just bare floors room after room, no matter how lovely that floor might be.  Through the ages, carpets have warmed our homes literally and visually, added to the decor, and provided insulation. In many cultures, they are regarded with enormous esteem, part of prayer ceremonies and religious places.  The motifs are replete with history and cultural references, common across geographies and nations. (more…)

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